What is The Narrative?

The Narrative is a newsletter by Brian Lundin about stories, creativity, and culture.

Human beings were designed for story. From the very beginning we have told stories, and through storytelling we learned, and taught, and communicated truth. The stories that you write, read, watch, and tell matter.

The Narrative takes the time to explain how stories work, explore why certain stories are compelling, and examine how stories shape our culture. Because it’s not only the stories we find in literature, film, and the arts that matter—we are surrounded by narratives that shape your culture, your thinking, and what you love.

Why should I sign up?

We’re bombarded with narratives and stories everyday—and most of them are aimed at convincing you of something. The Narrative will help you see how these stories work, why they are compelling, and understand the meaning behind them.

If you’re a writer, musician, or artist, understanding the fundamentals of narrative craft can help you shape your work to resonate with audiences. And understanding how stories in TV, film, fiction, news stories, and cultural narratives actually work doesn’t just help those who consume art. Anyone can benefit from understanding why they love the stories they do.

Because we all have stories we love. Because story is universal.

Join a community that cares about stories

The Narrative is not to build a place for only one voice. Join a community of people who care deeply about storytelling and the power it has to reach people, change hearts, and point to the truth. Sign up today. Share the emails with like-minded folks. Hit ‘reply,’ and let me know what you think.

About Brian

I am a writer and storyteller. I currently serve as the Director of Writing and Development for The Austin Stone Worship Story team. I am passionate about writing, literature, and stories of redemption. For the last nine years I have been a part of Story Team, where I have led artists and taught on writing, storytelling, and faith. I also serve on the leadership team that defined and launched the Writer Development Program at The Austin Stone, where I regularly teach and coach writers. The Narrative is home to my ideas and research on the craft of writing and narrative storytelling.